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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the rules and regulations that govern the collection and use of user information by Decore Serve. Every product or service purchased through the website or application of Decore Serve would be governed by this privacy policy.

The terms ‘We,’ ‘Our,’ ‘Portal,’ ‘Website,’ ‘Decore Serve’ or ‘Decore Services’ used in this policy refers to the portals which is owned and operated solely by NIPREENI INFOTECH PVT LTD – (CIN :U45500CT2018PTC008795). By using this website one automatically gives his approval for Decore Serve, to use and disclose the personal details of the user, as per this privacy policy.

Any queries regarding this policy may be sent to for further clarification. This terms mentioned in this policy are subject to and incorporated within the terms of use of Decore Serve, which are mentioned under Any information provided by the user while using the website of Decore Serve or its services, can be used by Decore Serve according to the following terms of this policy:


Collection of Personal Information during Registration

Any personal records or information mentioned in this policy refer to facts that may be used to identify or contact you. It includes details such as name, phone number, email ID, mailing address, etc. This data would be accessible by everyone who uses the website or mobile application of Decore Serve, either directly or through a request filed for a service.

Creating an account on Decore serve is mandatory for service professionals and clients to access certain portions of our website and carry out tasks such as submitting questions, participating in surveys and polls, requesting a quote, or asking for information. During the process of registration of account with Decore Serve, service providers or professionals may be asked to share or disclose their personal details such as contact details, bank details, and personal identification data such as Aadhar Card number and PAN card number. Such information collected by Decore Serve would be used to achieve absolute customer satisfaction, which is a main goal of our organization. The kind of details that are collected depends on your involvement with our website or mobile application.

Service Users or clients: Decore serve starts collecting information right from the time a user registers an account and continues for as long as he uses the website or a service provided by Decore serve. The information accumulated during this process include your name, telephone number, e-mail address, mailing address, postal code, and various personal facts pertaining to demographics and personal identification. Apart from these details, we also collect data from your profile page, your requests, your feedbacks or the discussions that you engage in on weblog, chat room, or any other website or mobile application, while connected on the net.

Service Professionals: As service providers, it is mandatory for you to create an account on Decore Serve if you wish to put up details about yourself. During the process of registration, we gather information pertaining to your commercial enterprise name, phone number, address, zip code, tour choices, description of your services, and a headline on your profile, first and last name, and e-mail address. While you use the website of Decore Serve and avail our services, we may also request you to provide many other details about yourself. Although you are not obligated, you may provide us details about your business, along with pictures and videos, so as to acquire new customers through our website. Apart from personal details, we may also need your payment information, including your debit card or credit card details.

Background Verification: As a part of the on-boarding process, we may have to carry out background verification assessments of all service professionals who register with us, in order to authenticate their details and assess their competencies in the industry. Once you create your account with us as a service professional, it is assumed that:

  1. You have no objection to Decore Serve’s sharing your details with the Verifier for the purpose of background verification. These details, collectively known as proprietary information, may include but not be limited to your name, date of birth, gender, address, mobile number, email ID, training or education record, employment record, and government issued IDs such as Aadhar, PAN Card, Driving license, Voter ID, etc.
  2. You authorize the Verifier to safeguard your proprietary information and ensure its confidentiality.
  3. You acknowledge the fact that the digital files containing your proprietary information can be accessed by Decore Serve and its authorized partners/associates/customers/contractors/affiliates
  4. You are well-aware of the fact that you can modify or delete your details from the Verifier’s platform by sending an email to the Verifier
  5. You understand the fact that Decore Serve reserves rights to take suitable actions, in its sole discretion, while doing your background verification

The conversations that happen between clients and service professionals on the website of Decore Serve can be recorded by Nipreeni Infotech Pvt Ltd (or Decore Serve) through call recording or chat mechanism. These recordings and logs may be used to safeguard the rights of the consumers and service professionals, while resolving disputes. If deemed necessary, Decore Serve might also gather supplemental statistics and facts about you, from third parties (such as credit score reports from credit bureaus) in order to verify the personal identification details provided by you, during registration.

Collection from Social Networking Sites

Service professionals and clients may log on to our website using their Facebook Accounts. In this case, you may have to input the email address and password that you use to access your Facebook account. We may require your permission to gain entry to your Facebook profile and gather primary facts (such as your profile picture, contact number, gender, User ID, network, date of birth, email ID, friends list, etc.) that you have put up on your Facebook account. Once you give us the permission, we will continue to have access to these records, even after you decide not to make your profile public.

We save all the details that we acquire from your Facebook page, along with the various other details that you provide us.

Facebook completely controls the records that it collects from you. If you want to know how Facebook uses or shares your records, you will have to go through the privacy policy of Facebook. We have no control over how third party websites use or disclose the records that they collect about you.

Use of Cookies and other tracking devices

In our effort to acquire records on the way in which you use our website or our services, we as well as the third party companies associated with us (ad networks) make use of cookies, net beacons, and various other monitoring technologies that help us get information about your IP address, your browser type, your operating system, your ISP or running machine, your domain name, your access time, the tool that you use, your page perspectives, as well as the URL of the internet site you visited before this. Apart from this we also track how often you visit our website and make use of our services. We use thus collected information for website analytics, to figure out best advertising and marketing methods, and to measure the performance of our advertising as well as marketing campaigns. Identifying the tool that you are using helps us recognize fraudulent efforts if any.

Cookies: We and the third-party service providers associated with us, use cookies to acquire details about you. These are small reports that get stored on your PC once you visit certain sites on the web. They help in analysing web traffic and give information about user activities on a specific internet site. Cookies can also be used to accumulate and remember your information or choices, so as to tailor operations as per your dreams, likes and dislikes. They also allow internet apps to interact with you.

Apart from the ones we use, there are also cookies that are placed by third party organizations or websites. The use of such cookies is subject to terms mentioned in this policy as well as those mentioned in the privacy policies of those third party organizations or websites. For instance, Google can place cookies on your PC if you click on its ads. Once you reach the relevant website by clicking on that ad, both Google and we will know you saw the ad through Google. So then, the terms of use of those cookies would be subject to the terms in this policy as well as the privacy policy of Google.

Disabling Cookies: As a user you have complete control on whether you want to accept or decline cookies. Most of the internet browsers accept cookies by default. Nevertheless, you can always choose the option to decline cookies in your browser settings. You may not be able to make complete use of the website if you disable cookies. Certain functions may be available only if you accept cookies.

GIFs, pixel tags and other technologies: Apart from cookies there are also GIFs that get embedded invisibly on to web pages. These refer to small graphics that are associated with a unique identifier. We sometimes make use of clean GIFs (web bugs, pixel tags, or web beacons), to track your activities on our website and manipulate content based on your interests. Additionally, we and the third-party companies or websites associated with us make use of clear GIFs in the HTML emails that we send to our clients so as to find out if they consider our emails.





The information and statistics that we collect from you would be used to enhance your experience on our website. Apart from this, we use your private records, for the following purposes:

  1. For sharing with our other entities and affiliates (who won’t market to you unless you specifically opt for it), to prevent robbery of identification, frauds and various potentially unlawful acts, to avoid any abuse of our services or offerings, and to facilitate any joint or co-branded offerings you may have requested for.
  2. To register you for our offerings, verify your identity, authorize you to apply for our services, and to allow you to make use of our services and our website.
  3. To offer you the required support, to address your queries, and for various functions such as internal report-keeping and maintenance.
  4. To send promotional emails to the email ID provided by you, about new products and unique offers of Decore Serve, and to keep you updated about the latest at Decore Serve.
  5. To offer products and services that suit your specific needs
  6. For studies and analytical purposes
  7. To enhance the functioning of our internet site and improve upon our services
  8. For invoicing and billing purposes, including sharing details with third-party fee gateways that help you purchase products and services on Decore Serve
  9. To get in touch with you via phone, text message, email, mail or facsimile, whenever you request for any offerings or information.
  10. For market research functions and customization of the website according to your interests
  11. To compare personal information and verify its accuracy
  12. To identify unauthorized use and bring it to your notice
  13. To resolve disputes, enforce terms of use, and protect the interests of ourselves as well as the users of our website and services.
  14. To share your facts with our contractors, provider companies, and retailers, so as to improve the functionality and performance of our website, fulfil requests, authorize business transactions, and offer customer support.
  15. To catalyse and facilitate your interaction with the service professionals, sellers, vendors, specialists, users, and any third parties on our website, and offer you services as per your interests and pursuits
  16. To reveal your details to law enforcement workplaces, third-party rights owners, or others, when such disclosure might be necessitated by subpoenas, courtroom orders, or any legal procedure.
  17. To let third-party marketing companies offer targeted ads to you
  18. To share your details with another enterprise entity in case of a merger, acquisition, amalgamation, re-corporation, or restructure of our business. Such an entity would be required to comply with the terms mentioned in this privacy policy with regard to the use of your information.

Any information that you post on and make public, will be accessible without restrictions.


You are welcome to post any content on our website, including your comments, feedback, snap shots, or details that you would want to be made available on our website. In such a case, all the information that you put up, can be accessed by all the visitors of our website. Once you post our content on our website, Decore Serve will have no power in preventing the misuse of such data.


Our website might contain hyperlinks to other websites, over which Decore Serve has no control. Decore serve does not endorse the websites, whose links are thus provided. The links are presented only for your convenience and Decore Serve is in no way liable for any content that is posted on such external websites. We are in no way responsible for the safety and privacy of the information that you provide while visiting or using these external websites. This policy has nothing to do with these websites. The way in which these external websites can collect and use your information depends on the terms of use and privacy policy that have been put up on those websites.


We, at Decore Serve, have incorporated certain procedural as well as technological security features that are designed to safeguard your private details from any unauthorized access or disclosure. In our effort to shield your non-public data from unauthorized access and disclosure, we may also make use of passwords, encryption and physical security measures. However, since none of these security measures offer 100% surety, we cannot guarantee or promise that your personal (non-public) information will not be gathered or used by others. Decore Serve cannot be held chargeable or responsible for the unauthorized use of your records or any theft, loss or compromised use  of your passwords, caused due to your negligence.


Decore Serve would be providing free offerings or services that you can choose to acquire or use. However, such an acquisition or use might require you to submit additional information about yourself.

POLLING: To find out what our target audience think about our offerings or services and to understand their troubles and issues regarding the use of our website, we offer interactive polls that make it easy for our customers to share their opinions with other users. All responses to such polls would be aggregated and hence not identifiable with any particular user. We tag customers once they have voted, so that they cannot cast their vote more than once.

SURVEYS: To improvise on the content that we publish on our internet site, we sometimes conduct surveys. The responses that we gather from these surveys are confidential and we don’t share them with any third parties. However, we do share the statistics that we derive from such surveys with our partners, third -party service vendors, and other parties that are completely different. The aggregate facts of such survey responses would be put up on our internet site and the same will be available for use and download to any user of our website.

“REFER A FRIEND”: By clicking on ‘REFER A FRIEND’ you can ask a friend to make use of the services offered on our website by sending them a link, page, or document. However, for this, you may have to offer your email address along with the e-mail address of the recipient.  Such email IDs would be used only when there are transmission errors or when there is a need to familiarize the recipient about the sender of the email. It won’t be used for any other motive.

ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTERS: Every now and then Decore Serve would like to offer its customer, free digital publications. We make the e-newsletter mailing list by using the email addresses of the users who sign up or log on to Decore Serve. You can opt out of such a mailing list by using the link provided in the publication, or by changing the personal preferences of your profile settings.


You can choose to limit the collection or use of your persona details by logging onto our site, clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ and modifying or deleting your personal statistics. You need to refresh your data quickly to make sure it changes. Although we honour your request to close your account and expel your private records, we do keep those records with us, in order to comply with regulations, prevent frauds, troubleshoot issues, resolve disputes, collect charges due, put our terms of use into force, assist in investigation of registered users, and take any authorized action as per regulations. Despite closing your account, you may not be able to expel any requests, comments, feedback, remarks or any other facts you may have put up onto the internet site. Decore Serve will not be answerable for the change of status of any non-public records, on account of deleting or removing account from the website.


We are a part of third-party ad networks that display ads on websites. These third-party ad network carriers can make use of cookies, web beacons, Flash LSOs, JavaScript, and other technologies to measure the performance of their ads and customize their marketing content to your needs. The use of these third-party cookies and technologies are subject to the terms mentioned in their unique privacy policies and have nothing to do with Decore Serve’s policy.


Your Full Name: During the process of registering on our website, you may have to enter your full name. Most exercises on this website would be traced to the full name that you enter during registration. Other registered users, with whom you may have executed business via our website, will be able to see your interest on the website and pick out your activities.

Decore Serve Information usage: We share your personal records with others in order for you to negotiate, offer, and use services. Once you enter into a contract with a registered service provider on our website, you will have to reveal to that user, your details such as your name, cell phone number, email, and personal address so that the service may be performed efficiently. Similarly you may also obtain their details. Such statistics may be used by you only for carrying out transactions on Decore Serve.

Account Protection: The key to your account on Decore Serve is your password. Make sure you use a combination of unique numbers, letters, and unique characters while creating your password. It is advisable not to divulge your password to anyone until it is absolutely necessary. You are entirely responsible for all the actions carried out on account of you sharing your password or personal data with others. ANY COMPROMISED USE OF YOUR PASSWORD SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO DECORE SERVE, SO THAT APPROPRIATE ACTION CAN BE TAKEN WITHOUT ANY DELAY.


We agree to share the data that we gather about you, in the following manner:

Information disclosed to defend us and others

We may decide to disclose your records if:

  • Such a disclosure is necessary to comply with a legal process
  • The disclosure can potentially mitigate Decore’s liability in a potential or actual law suit
  • The disclosure is essential to enforce this privacy policy or our terms of use
  • Such a disclosure is intended to save you from unauthorized transactions or illicit exercises, or
  • It becomes vital to protect our rights, our belongings, or the assets of any individual or entity.

Disclosure to other users of our website

The information that you put up on Decore Serve, as a Service professional, is available to all the users of our website and images or photographs that you will provide us to upload on our website will have Decore Serve watermark. By accepting this policy, you show your consent of having watermark of Decore Serve on your work photos and all images. All visitors would be able to see the comments that your customers put up on our internet site. If you are a consumer, your name, your location, and any information that you may have put up in your request, will be available to all the people who visit our website. Apart from these details, Service professionals will be authorized to access your phone number, email ID, and address too.

Data disclosed to regulation Enforcement or government officials

We hold the right to disclose, without any constraints, any information that you put up on our website, including your name, your location, your phone number, your email address, your client ID history, your quoting and list records, and any fraud lawsuits that you may be a part of, to law enforcement officials, authorities or government officials, if we are required to do so by law or regulation.

Information disclosed to third-party Service professionals or vendors and business companions

In our course of business, we may have to enter into contracts with various third parties. We may have to share with them, your non-public information and the statistics that we generate about you through cookies and aggregate records. We may also have to reveal your details to a credit score card processing corporation, for the purposes of payment. Service professionals, vendors, and business companies will not be privileged to make use of your data for anything other than carrying out their duties or honouring their commitments of serving you.

Disclosure to non-affiliated third parties in furtherance of your request

We may share your service requests with third-party websites, in order to help service professionals get in touch with you. Interested service professionals may be directed to our website through the third-party websites, from which they access your contact information.

In the event of a change of control or financial ruin (Bankruptcy)

If there is change of control in Decore Serve, where in the rights are acquired by a third party entity through a merger or a sale, Decore Serve would reserve the right to transfer all the data or statistics it has amassed from the customers and service professionals of its website, to such a Successor. Decore Serve will have no control on the use of facts that are thus transferred.

Data or Information disclosed at your request

If you unequivocally request us to send your data to other registered users or if you expressly agree to supply a particular service, we may impart your data to the registered users of our website. For instance, in case you enter into a contract with another registered user for a particular service, that user will get a notice from Decore Serve that will incorporate the individual data selected by you.



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