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Home Decor Ideas- Transform the Looks of Your Living Rooms

Home Decor Ideas- Transform the Looks of Your Living Rooms

Living rooms are undeniably considered as the most important area of the house. While this is the place where the whole family meets, spends time, and relaxes on their free time. Needless to say, when you have guests at your place, living rooms are the first place where you welcome them to. And, nobody would like to get them in a room that doesn’t seem welcoming at all, right?

So this being the situation, no wonder you would love to transform your living room with an urbane and chic style so that it maximizes your style quotient. If you have a small living area and want to transform it, you would get ample interior decorators lending a hand to help you out. ‘Decore Serve’ is one such name to which you can look up to fall in love with your home. But before you choose us to redefine your home, let’s have a look at the trending styles-

Mirroring your way

As per eminent interior decorators, a room has two dimensions- vertical and horizontal. While the horizontal dimension would be full of doors, windows, and upholsteries, so don’t waste the promising space the vertical dimension is offering you. If your living room has a high ceiling, make the most of it. Use the extra space by decorating it with floor-to-ceiling full-sized mirrors. You may ask, why mirrors? Well, mirrors can be positioned very strategically to make a small living room larger. Mirrors reflect light and sceneries. So if possible, put a mirror behind a lampshade or candle stand. You can always go for a large mirror positioned just opposite the window to create an illusion of an extra window.

Drapes to embellish your home

Drapes and curtains are incredibly stylish and a way to accomplish the goal of creating an enchantingly sophisticated room design. Before you change or remodel the curtains of your living area, think of the variety and different styles available. Choose one that suits your taste and personality. Double panel curtains never go old. Double panels create a classic and symmetrical look for your rooms. Single panels broaden smaller spaces, panels with a valence are romantic, and on the other hand, panels with a pelmet provide a structured and formal look.

You can make the living room absolutely stunning by investing on the curtain fabric. If you are in a colder atmosphere, go for heavier insulates. If you hail from a warmer climate, lighter fabrics would work great!

Silk cotton, linen, sheers, and velvet are some of the classic fabrics. Hand them at least from a foot high of your window. It would automatically make the window look more prominent, allowing more natural lights and creating a perfect ambience. When it comes to living room curtains, think of the pattern and colour your sofa and armchair fabric would have. You are free to experiment with the colour as well and make your window curtains look starkly opposite to give the room a bold look.

Zonal division of your living rooms

Break your living room into a number of zones even if it’s smaller in size. This would help you transform the room layout and give a makeover.

Antiques to add glory

It is always suggested to add one or two antique pieces into your living room. Antique art pieces instantly add a character to the room which is otherwise very hard to find.

Play with the colour palette

If you love colours, then you can pop bright colours everywhere in your living room, play with concerned repetitions. Keep a couple of basic colours and repeat that on upholstery fabrics, rugs, décor items, and curtains.

Plants to add a refreshing feel

Nothing looks better than a piece of a green leafy plant by the side of the window. Greenery is something that would come across if been well put together. If you have a space crunch in your living room, go for smaller plants. Ned low maintenance plants? Cactus and succulents are perfect for you. Have a place to show off your love for nature? Create a green zone with different shapes and size of indoor plants.

There are multiple other ways to decorate and revamp your living room. False ceilings, flowery cushions, architectural trim work, comfortable flooring, and furnishings are some other things to consider that would add subtlety to your living room.  So get connected to us and shop your heart out to give your home a perfect style statement.


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