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Top 7 Storage ideas for small apartments


Most of the Indian population now live in small apartments. Rooms in small apartments lack in space for storage. If you are looking for space-saving storage ideas for your apartment, here is the solution.

1. Built-ins Shelving: Let’s start with the living room. This is the first area gets noticed by the guests. So the living room must be well-organised and clutter-free. Undoubtedly, custom built-ins is the best storage solution for the small living room. This takes less floor space and utilizes the maximum space of the wall. TV unit will be placed here and the wiring attached with the TV can be hidden easily. Display your book and art collection here.

2. Coffee-table with storage: Coffee table with hidden storage is the smart solution for a small living room.  Nowadays coffee table comes with multiple shelves where you can easily organize magazines and books. Keep the flower vase on the top. It’s better than a regular coffee table and at the same time more fashionable. You will get a variety of options in terms of shapes-round, square, rectangle. Choose as per your taste and serve coffee and snacks to your guests on this table.

3. Closet: Now come to the bedroom. If you are longing for a tidy and cosy bedroom, then consider a closet system. Here you can keep almost all kinds of stuffs from clothing to shoes, from hats to socks. Even your purses, wallets and jewellery.

4. Nightstand: A simple nightstand next to your bed can solve the storage issues in your bedroom. Choose a nightstand with shelving. Here you can organize newspapers, magazines and books. So whenever needed you can take them from here and can enjoy your reading time on the bed. On the top of the stand,  keep night-time essentials like night lamp, mobile, table clock and e-tablet.

5. Open Shelving: The next important area of your apartment is the kitchen. You need enough space there for a hassle-free cooking time.  Open shelving is the space-saving option for your kitchen area. Open shelves provide maximum space for storing all types of kitchen essentials. Here you can keep kitchen appliances and utensils. This would give you easy access to your kitchen essentials and keep your kitchen clutter-free and organized.  So say good bye to ‘wall cabinet and hello to ‘Open Shelving’.

6. Corner Shelves: Smart modern bathroom is desirable for a small apartment. For that, you need to utilize every corner of your bathroom. Corner shelves would be best suited for the bathroom. Consider corner shelves in your sink area or shower area. Here you can place your sanitary-ware and other bathroom essentials.

7. Hanging Racks: Making a neat and clean kids room is not so easy and it becomes more difficult when your kids room lacks in space . Try colorful hanging racks on the wall of your kid’s room. Even they can be easily hidden behind the door.  This would allow your kids to organize their toys here. 

Try these space-saving storage ideas and get a well-organised small apartment. If you need the right professional for designing your small apartment, call us today!



Ankita Dutta

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