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Top 7 office design trends you must follow in 2019

We are already in 2019. Are you looking for new design trends for your office makeover?
Here are the top 7 office design trends you must follow in 2019.
1. Greenery: Greenery is best for energy-efficient space. According to the science, fresh plants make the air fresh and infuse energy. This year Living Green walls will dominate. Make a vertical garden with some fresh plants in your office. This wall will help to bring fresh air and energy into your office. This would definitely make your office more productive. It has been shown that plants help to release stress. Your employees can put small plants at their workstations. A bit of green in their work area will help them to stress out.

2. Motivational quotes: An office always needs motivated and efficient employees. You can hang pictures with motivational quotes in your reception and main work area. Motivational typography is best for office. This motivates them to work hard towards their goals.

3. Cozy couches: Your employees are the main asset of your company. So their comfort should not be compromised. Cozy couches would be best for your employees. Make a comfortable lounge with cozy couches in your office. Once the work completed, office staffs can lounge on here. Small discussion over some coffee/tea can also be done here.

4. LED-Lighting: Light is one of the most important factors in the workplace. Low light is not preferable in the workplace. Gone are the days when the company used to depend only on the traditional lighting. Now LED lights are trending. They are available in various designs. They are easy to install and serve you the best in terms of lighting and style. They save energy too. They lighten every nook and corner of a place. Pick them out for your office makeover.

5. Colourful Wall: Colourful wall adds life to any place. Paint your office with bright and bold colours. Change up your wall colour from white to fun colours like blue, yellow, green. The colourful wall helps to create a cheerful atmosphere. This would help you to make your employees happy. Happy workplace increases overall efficiency.

6. Organizational Desktop Storage: Clutter-free desk is the priority in any workplace. When there is paperwork, there will be a possibility of a mess. But you can easily avoid this messy condition just by keeping organizational desktop storage in your office. It’s user-friendly. Where you and your employees can easily organize important files and notes. This would help you to keep the workstation clutter-free. It will soon to be everywhere. Start using them from today.

7. Artwork: Handmade painting never goes out of style. A beautiful painting in an office can change the overall look of the office. The abstract painting will be hit in 2019. You can consider it. As per the theme of your business, you can also get a customized painting from artists. Keep this painting in your reception area/waiting room/meeting room. This would give your client ideas about your business.

Follow these trends and design your office. Our experts can help you to design your dream office. Give us a call: 1800 572 9954

Ankita Dutta

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