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Top 6 Kitchen Trends you must follow in 2019

Top 6 Kitchen Trends you must follow in 2019

The kitchen is the heart of a home where cooking is done and foods are prepared.  It was one of the most neglected areas for over a decade. Nowadays, Homeowners are looking for new trends to remodel kitchens. Are you looking for best trends to renovate your kitchen?

We bring new kitchen trends only for you. Before welcoming the new year, let’s make your kitchen ready for it.

Here are top 6 kitchen trends you must follow

1. Open Shelves:

Open shelving is going to be one of the hottest trends of 2019. It’s a very practical arrangement. Open shelves provide more working area in a kitchen. So working in a kitchen becomes easier. You can cook without making any mess as it gives sufficient space. Pick your appliances from the open shelve without much trouble. You can choose for open shelving above the sink where you can organise your kitchen essentials. If there is a corner in your kitchen, choose small open shelves. It will save the space and at the same, it’s stylish too. Keep some plants on these shelves for fresh oxygen and energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

2. Wooden Floor: The wooden floor is set to be another hot trend in the upcoming year. The wooden floor is being considered in the kitchen for the rustic look. It’s equally stylish and cost-effective. A good wooden floor can go a long way without any stains. You can also put a rug on it to make the flooring area more attractive. This kind of floor is also easy to clean.                                                                                                                                                                                             

3. Tech-Savvy Area: Technology is ruling everywhere. So Tech-savvy kitchen area must be on your 2019 kitchen wish list. These days, homeowners use gadgets in the kitchen. Women love to check new recipes from smartphones during cooking time. So a charging station in the kitchen makes this job easier. Not to worry about electrical outlets. Electrical outlets can be easily hidden in a kitchen cabinet.                                   

4. Recessed Lighting: When it comes to lighting, you may choose recessed lighting. Kitchen recessed lighting adds style and glamour. If it is arranged in an organized order, it brightens up every corner of the kitchen. This makes the kitchen area more welcoming.


5. Colourful Wall: Gone are the days when homeowners used to paint the kitchen walls with white or any light colours. Colourful wall is preferable now. Bright Colours like purple, verdant green would be top preferences for the kitchen in 2019. These vibrant colours bring fresh energy into the cooking area and make your cooking time more enjoyable. Instead of  monocolour ,  make a feature wall with pop up colours. This would make your kitchen space more attractive.                 

6. Wall Art: To break the monotony of one particular pattern, consider wall art. Nowadays various experimental wall arts and murals are available online. Choose as per your taste. For a gorgeous look, opt for metal wall art. Even you can display your art collection here.                     

If you want to renovate your kitchen, follow these trends. Consult with our interior designer and get ready for your dream kitchen. Give us a call at 1800-572-9954.

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