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7 useful tips for your interior design

Planning for a new home? Need some tips for your interior?

We bring a few useful tips for your interior design.

  1. Right Colour: Colour is the main factor of a home. A study shows that colour can influence our body and mind.  Based on the type of room, choose the colour. For the bedroom, you can opt for Green and Blue. They have a soothing effect. Warm colours like Orange would be the best options for the living room, where guest spends most of the time.  Kids love playful colours like Purple and Pink. These colours would bring more energy to their rooms.

    2Multi-Functional Furniture: When it comes to choosing furniture for our room, we take ideas from our friends and neighbours. This is not the right way. Choose the furniture that would go well with the colour and pattern of your room.  Space efficient furniture is more preferable. For a small living room, L-shaped sofa is the best option. Because it saves space. The corner sofa is also a good idea for a small space. If space is a big issue, try multifunctional furniture like Sofa bed, Ottoman, coffee table with shelves.


   3Good Lighting: Lighting is very important for a perfect home.  Good lighting can make your home alive. Recessed lighting is perfect for entrance and living room. Dimmers are for the bedroom. They will make your bedroom more cozy. LED- bulbs are energy efficient. They can go a long way. Consider them for your bathroom. If you have a budget, go for a chandelier. They can be best for both living room and bedroom. They have the ability to make any room stunning.

   4. Practical Storage: Built-in shelving is perfect for a living room. You can also keep a storage bench in the living room. This would add extra storage to your living room. Here you can conceal unnecessary things which you don’t want to show off. Floating shelves are ideal for the kitchen. You can easily organize dishes here and use them whenever needed.


   5. Techsavvy Design: Nowadays, technology plays a big role in everyday’s life. Make sure your house is tech-savvy. Start with the doorbell. Instead of traditional door-alarm, go for “Modern doorbell with intelligent features” through which you can see the guests and hear them. You can talk to them before opening the door. Keep Amazon’s new device-“Alexa” on your dining table. This touchless device can recognise your voice. It will inform you about the weather on your breakfast table. You can play your favourite music during your dinner time.

   6. Perfect Entrance: Entrance is a big factor in a house. This should not be ignored. The entrance gives the first impression of your house. The wooden door always looks good for a small house. Try it.  A good quality wooden door is more durable. Keep some plants in your entrance area. They would bring life to your entrance area.


   7. Personal Touch: Your home reflects your personality. Give a personal touch to every room. If you love painting, you can make an art wall in the living room with your art collections. It would be a visual treat for your guests. If you are fond of books, arrange them in a bookcase. Keep that bookcase in the reading room or your bedroom.


Save these tips today!

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Ankita Dutta

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