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7 Steps you must follow before hiring a contractor for your home

Are you looking for a contractor for your home? Don’t know how to choose the right professional?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few steps you must follow before hiring the right contractor.

  1. Identify your needs:Before hiring contractor, you need to be sure about your needs. Make a list of your requirements. While making the list Keep in mind every details required for designing your home. This list must include-style of your home, type of materials you want to be used for your home, time-frame within which you want the project to be completed, the amount of money you are ready to pay for it.
  1. Check Portfolio: This is the most important step. Search online or take references from your friends. Check portfolios of different contractors. Go through their previous works. Check their qualifications and experience. If you like them, then do a little research on them. Take time to check their websites. Take the list of previous clients from them, then take reviews from other homeowners who have used the services before.
  2. Ask Questions: Based on the previous works and reviews, pick out four or five candidates. Talk to them and go for further discussions with them. Fix meeting sessions with them. Share your requirements and budget with them. Ask about their services, offers, quality of materials and duration of the project. Then take an estimation from them. Don’t hesitate to ask question during the meeting.
  3. Be open to new ideas: During your meeting sessions with various professionals, you may get some new ideas. Think about those ideas too. Don’t dismiss their suggestions, try to visualize them. If these ideas suit your budget and requirements, you may go with them.
  4. Compare: After talking to the professionals, you will get various proposals.  Compare them. Take help from your family and friends to choose the right proposal. It’s not always a good idea to choose the cheapest option. Don’t compromise quality over budget. Before investing, consider various factors like quality of service, budgetary limit, time-frame. Be sure that you are getting quality service at best price.
  5. Set a payment schedule:Before finalizing, set a payment schedule. Sometimes contractors take upfront payment and rest after the completion. You should be aware of their payment terms and comfortable with them.
  6. Hire the right professional: After considering all the factors, finalize the right proposal and choose the right professional. Make a call and hire him.

 Follow these steps and choose the best contractor.

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Ankita Dutta

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