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6 awesome Decorating ideas for New Year Party

Are you throwing New Year party at your place? Need some decoration ideas for New Year Party? Then you have come to the right place. We bring some simple decoration ideas for you. Check them out.


1. Decorate with Flower: Flower is always hit in all occasions. Flower can instantly transform a dull place into a stunning area. Try flower for decorating your party area. A decorative flower wreath on the front door of your house would be an awesome idea. Use bright colored flowers in the wreath. This would give your guests a warm welcome before entering your home. You can put some fresh flowers in a flower vase. Keep it on the center table in your living area.


2. Brighten up with Glittered Lantern: New Year eve party always needs the glamour. What can be better than a glittered lantern to add glamour to your party? Making glittered Lantern in the home is very easy. Choose a good quality lantern from your collection, add glitter to the lantern with the help of glue. If you are short of time, just buy them online. Keep them in your living room or your garden area where guests will spend most of their times. If you have a plan for DJ Party at your place, these balls can serve as the disco balls.



3. Lighten up with Chandelier: Perfect lighting is the secret formula for a successful party. The traditional chandelier would be the best option for New Year Party. A traditional chandelier adds elegance to any room. It not only looks great but also lightens the whole area.





4. Add Glamour with Classic Armchair: A cozy armchair can add glamour to any occasion.  Velvet cover suits best for an armchair. Bright colors like blue and red would be best for this chair. Royal Blue Velvet on armchair gives the iconic feel. Try it. Place the chair in the center of your party area. If someone feels tired after party, can relax on this chair.


5. Create a perfect Dinner Table: Creating a perfect table may be a daunting task. Just bring some variations by adding a few elements to your dinner table. Decorate your table with some candy-filled jars. Colorful candy jars would add charm to your dinner table. Don’t forget to keep a well-wrapped wine bottle on the table to make the space more stunning.


6. Glam up your kitchen: Don’t overlook your kitchen. It plays an important role during any party. After all, foods come from your kitchen. So decorating your kitchen on this occasion is a must.  Glam up your kitchen with bright colored decorative candles. Nowadays decorative candles are easily available in the market. You can buy and put them on the glass-made candle holders and place them on your kitchen. You may play some good music in your cooking area. This would create warmth.


All these ideas would do wonder for New Year eve party 2019.  Get inspired by these awesome ideas. Surprise your guests with your decoration and enjoy the fullest.

II Happy New Year 2019 II


Ankita Dutta

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