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5 smart ways to make your small bedroom look bigger

Bedroom is a place where you unwind your stress.

For a good night’s sleep a comfy bedroom is preferable. Small bedroom generally looks crowded and less welcoming. With a few smart tricks you can make your small bedroom look bigger and more comfortable. Here are 5 smart ways to make your small bedroom look bigger.


  1. Paint with Light Color: Color is an important factor for any room. Bedroom is not the exception. Paint the walls of your  bedroom with light colors. This is the best way to make a small bedroom look bigger. Dark colors absorb more lights than light colors. So the space seems smaller. Light colors reflect the light and makes the appearance of small room bigger. Instead of dark colors use light colors like white, yellow, sea green, blue, pink. They have the ability to brighten up the small space. Use the same color for ceiling as the wall.
  2. Choose the Right furniture: Right furniture play a pivotal role for small bedroom. Large furniture makes small bedroom more constricting. Remove extra furniture from your bedroom.   Use space-saving furniture. Less furniture makes the bedroom look bigger. Avoid bed with heavy wooden and metal frames. Choose bed with storage underneath. This saves a lot of space and at the same time this would make your bedroom seem bigger.

Replace your wooden furniture with glass furniture. Transparent furniture creates optical illusion. Glass table top will take same amount of space but makes the appearance bigger. Keep the furniture in such a way that it should not block the pathways. There must be enough space for movement.

  1. Decorate with Artworks: Artwork goes well with every bedroom. Be it small or big. But small bedroom needs special attention because it lacks space. Instead of too many paintings on the wall, hang only one big or middle-sized painting. This would make the bedroom less crowded and create a sense of spaciousness.
  2. Create illusion with Mirror: Mirror reflects light and makes small room bigger. Place mirror near the window. This would reflect the maximum amount of natural lights coming from the windows. A well-placed mirror on the wall creates optical illusion by reflecting both natural and artificial lights. This makes the small room more inviting throughout the day. Choose mirror-cabinet doors for your small bedroom. This also makes the room look larger.
  3. Add 3 D effect: Nowadays, 3D effect is gaining popularity. This can instantly transform a small bedroom into a big one just by creating optical illusion.

3D Mural is an excellent choice for small bedroom. Cover one side of the wall with 3 D Murals and see the difference. Light-colored wall mural is preferred for small bedroom. Prints like nature, birds and flowers would go well with bedroom. They are re-usable too. Later you can remove them and replace with new prints.


Follow these tips. They would help you to make your small bedroom look bigger.


Ankita Dutta

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