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Q: What's Decore serve?

Decore serve is an online platform that helps people connect with professionals who can fulfil their Residential and COmmercial improvement needs. Operational in almost 29 urban cities, we make sure we satisfy each and every demand to the fullest level, by offering excellent customer support.

Q: WHY should I use the Decore Serve services?

Because you’re ready to love walking thru your front door every day. due to the fact you are probably too busy to layout the space the manner you want. due to the fact what you like however don’t know in which to locate it or a way to incorporate it into what you already have. due to the fact you don’t suppose indoors layout is your strong point. however more than anything else, you can TRUST us to find you the right professionals for your requirement. Our service professionals can take complete control of the process.

Whatever you need, we’re here!

Q: Who can sign up for Decore Serve?

Any company or professional involved in offering home or office improvement services and any individual who wants to enjoy the benefits of such services can sign up on Decore Serve.

Q: What is the kind of fee that you charge per transaction?

We are not an ecommerce site and hence we don’t charge any fees for the transactions that you carry out on Decore Serve. However, we do offer different packages for service professionals to help them increase their client database and promote their services on Decore Serve.

Q: How do things work at Decore Serve?

Work at Decore Serve starts with a request received by a customer. The customer will then be contacted by one of our professionals, who understand his/her requirements and puts him/her in touch with the best professionals who can complete the task. We are committed to serve you until the task is completed to your absolute satisfaction.

Q: Which of the places does Decore Services serve?

We serve clients across all metro cities as well as most of the tier-II towns of India. You can go through the list of cities that we serve by clicking on the link that you see below:

Q: I don't belong to the list of cities introduced on your internet site. Will I be served?

We serve clients across all metro cities as well as most of the tier-II towns of India. You can go through the list of cities that we serve by clicking on the link that you see below:

Q: I am not satisfied with the quotations I have obtained. What can I do?

We strive our best to connect you with as many vendors as possible. In case you are not satisfied with the quotations that you have received, we can put you in touch with new vendors who can fulfil your requirements up to your satisfaction.

Q: Can I consider more than one vendor by surveying their past works and quotations?

Yes. You can consider as many vendors as you would like. Each of these vendors will give you full details about their previous projects, with quotations. You may take into account all of these, before deciding on the best professional who suits your requirements.

Q: How many quotations can I get from Decore Services? What would be the level of knowledge and experience of the people who send me these quotations?

Initially you may get quotations from about 4 of our experts. All of these professionals would be exceptionally skilled and experienced in the industries that they serve. We do a thorough background verification of every professional that we connect with.

Q: How do I post a review on Decore Services?

You can click on the “Review Me” button on the webpage of the brand / professional whose service you have used. Once here, you may give your ratings based on various parameters such as quality of work, cost of service, materials used, and time taken. Make sure you fill up the form completely and include all particulars about the service offered by the professional. Once you sign in, you should be able to type in your assessment easily. It might take about 48 hours for your review to appear on their web page and longer if any clarification is needed. We, at Decore services, treasure every opinion that we receive from our customers and your evaluation means a lot to us.

Q: I am not able to sign in to Decore Services. What do I do?

Here are a few things you can do if you are having trouble signing in to our website:

  • Make sure you are using the right combination of username and password. Check for spelling mistakes if any.
  • In case you have forgotten your username or password, you should be able to reset the same.
  • If you are still experiencing difficulties signing in, send a mail to our support team on We will find out if there is any other problem with your account.
Q: As a service professional how do I modify my security settings?

By default, all the profiles created on Decore services are made public, whether the user is a service professional or a service user. However, you can control what information you want to appear on your profile page. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Sign in to Decore Services
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • You can now change the status of your profile from public to personal
Q: How do I change or reset my password on Decore Services?

You can change or reset your password on Decore Services at any time. Follow the steps given below to change your password:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on ‘My Account’
  • Now click on ‘Edit Profile’
  • You should see the ‘Change Password’ button. Click on it to change your password.

In case you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and fill the form with the relevant details. We will reset your password and send the new one to the email address that you have enlisted with us, along with the necessary guidelines.

Q: How do I post a new update for my followers?

You can post new updates by importing images with the feedback. Your followers will receive a notification every time you add a new review or post a new replace which is not marked private.

Q: Am I able to estimate the total cost of the entire project?

The best way to start is to first finalize how much budget you are seeking to allocate on your project. When you do that, we help you locate the right service professional so that they deliver your project within your estimated costing. You also can use our calculator to estimate the costing.

An ‘Abstract of Costing’ which will provide a breakdown of costs associated with the project will be provided by the service professional.
Please keep in mind that the cost may vary based on the complexity of project and labor cost in your area. If you have specific questions about the total cost of a project, please feel free to ask us for help!

Q: Can I call the service professional?

Yes. Of course, you can! Once you finalize your project, we connect you with the right professionals and all their contact details will be provided to you.

Q: My Service provider isn’t responding to my call/emails/text.

Contact us right away. We are always present till your project is finished.

Q: I have more questions. Where can I get answers to them?

Please drop us a mail at and we will try to connect with you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.

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